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Everyone Benefits > People Friendly, Earth Friendly 

Let’s start with People Friendly Money > A better way than banking > Let’s empower trust through shared benefits.  > Better ways to Save, Better Ways to Pay                                                                                                                                                              Save interest on loans, mortgage payments and earn with roundups, boosts and recurring savings.    

Buy now, pay one instalment at purchase and in 2 instalments over 4 weeks, interest free and fee free! The purchase is automatically authorised based on the equivalent balance secured in your savings account and the instalment automatically deducted if you don’t pay the instalment by other means when due.

If you decide to pay in full at purchase then you may be eligible for cash back to your savings account from participating merchants

Earn Attractive Interest on Savings, Cash Back on Purchases, Zero Interest on Instalments

Dramatic trends by the world’s highest value consumers, Millennials and GenZ, moving away from debt and credit cards to largely debit card based interest free installment payments has seen multibillion dollar instalment transactions, first in Australia, now the US and UK, Europe and beyond.

Interest rates have declined to the point that there are little, no or negative returns on savings. Better, rewarding ways of saving are needed. Our goal is that revenue arises principally from merchant partners fees via these sales transactions. So not only can customers benefit from interest free installments when they buy, customers also may benefit from very attractive interest on their positive savings balance.

Simple Insurances with Instant Claims, integrated with Payments

Innovative insurance solutions integrated with payments On Demand Insurances On/Standby, Bounce to Commercial & Umbrella Insurances Levels of insurance as you need them

Instant claims with instalments on claim excesses

How it works – Jessica’s Story


Jessica Loves Paye™ Innovations

Collaborating with micro, SMEs and Enterprises on both sides of transactions, paying suppliers, contractors and freelancers instantly or enabling purchases using Pay.4™ interest-free instalments.

Jessica is a successful micro company with a small cohort of freelancers working as a virtual team . Before Paye Jessica invoiced monthly. Now she can invoice and be paid on a weekly or even daily basis. Paye (Paid-as-you-Earn) really helps her to be able to fast track income for her company and her team income

Z Can Automate Jessica's Saving and Earning roundups automate Jessica’s savings on the run, with all her payments.

When she buys a coffee for, say, $4.70 then, since she has opted-in to roundups, $0.30 goes to her savings balance.Jessica knows that she can add to her savings with boosts and can set up recurring savings amounts, daily, weekly or monthly. She knows that she that here positive savings balance can be allocated to reduce specific debts she may have. This may be, for example, an existing credit card balance, another loan account or even a home loan account.

Jessica and her team of freelancers access simple, friendly insurance solutions

Simple, transparent insurance solutions are available, synchronised with related income and payments,

These insurance solutions may be for business, home or travel (play)

Transparency on claims, aiming for instant claims payments and access to instalments payments on your claims excess

The Team

John Sullivan is’s founder, innovator, strategist. John is deeply motivated to make a positive difference in this world, with socially and environmental sustainable innovations and empowering trust.John holds an honours degree in engineering and an MBA, majoring in innovation and entrepreneurship. John has been active in internet ventures since the mid-90s including a listed global accountancy B2B network.

John Sullivan

Founder Chair,

Aaron is an international payments leader, with major experience with fintech disruptors in payment in London.                                  Aaron’s expertise emcompasses:

  • Design and management of BIN sponsorship program implementations with both VISA and MasterCard
  • Compliance with payment sector rules and regulations, software requirements, end to end transaction cycle, risk, PCI requirements, risk and fraud
  • Education in full issuing life cycle, software constraints, processing, settlement and funding
  • Specification, design and management of connection projects for both VISA and MasterCard for Issuing and Acquiring processor systems
  • Management of Princial Membership process with schemes
  • Responsible for operational design of BIN sponsorship business processes; sales, on boarding, implementation
Aaron Coomber


Global customer advocacy thought leadership, encompassing community programs, enhancing and helping to build brand visibility. Most importantly igniting positive change for’s customer community via
– Meet-ups: hosting meet-ups around the world
– Engaging users for storytelling sessions, connecting with other customers in the customer network and in-person connections
– Engaging with the media and speaking at conferences

Listening to people and helping to create a positive community of happy and satisfied customers

Bryony Cole

Customer Advocacy,

Software engineer/architect with deep background ranging from complex backend systems to mobile and web front-ends, as well as multi-disciplinary (hardware + software) projects. Interested in programming languages, compilers and standards among other things.

Hovik has led teams and projects,as well as being very comfortable with and enjoying hands-on engineering in C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java and other languages. He has developed systems and applications for Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, various embedded systems, as well as for the Web.

Hovik Melikyan


Alessandro just completed his second masters degree in sociology and ergonomics of digital technologies. He has more the a decade of
experience as a digital product designer.
Ale applies User-Centered Design methodologies to find the best solutions for digital products, services and systems, aligning business goals and user needs. He loves to look at customer experience early in the process, engaging with users and bringing a different perspective in order to influence the technology decisions accordingly.

Alessandro Trezzi


Key Advisors

Giovanni Santini is our Gibraltar based specialist payments and pre-paid cards adviser. Giovanni is very experienced with creation and implementation of pre-paid card schemes. Giovanni’s experience includes:

  • Initiation of new prepaid BIN (bank identification number) projects with major card schemes
  • Liaison point between the client, company, processors, card schemes, card personalisation bureau’s and other third parties.
  • Implementation of NFC (Near Field Communication), dual interface (contact and contactless) products and EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) cards
  • Setup up of Head Office Collection Accounts (HOCA) and associated reconciliation systems.
Giovanni Santini


Ajay Yadav is a member of the 2017 Forbes 30 under 30, the Founder and CEO of Roomi, U.S. leading peer-to-peer marketplace helping people find shared housing and the right people to live with. An expert on the sharing economy and the millennial mindset, Ajay is a regular contributor and international speaker on fundraising, building valued networks and the expat entrepreneur experience.

Ajay Yadav

Founder and CEO, Roomi

Professor Michael Mainelli Michael Mainelli (Project adviser) is the co-founder of Z/Yen, the City of London’s leading commercial think-tank and venture firm. His career summary is a decade of technology research (aerospace, computer, seismology) followed by a decade in finance (Arthur Andersen, partner at BDO Binder Hamlyn and Director of Europe’s largest R&D organization (DERA)) then subsequently over 15 years of finance & technology in Z/Yen. Educated at Harvard, Trinity College Dublin and the London School of Economics he is also Professor Emeritus of Commerce and a Fellow at Gresham College, Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics Department of Management Information Systems & Innovation Group.

Professor Michael Mainelli

Co-Founder, Z/Yen

Kate Merrill, has outstanding experience as general and corporate counsel, including as Deputy General Counsel & Director M&A for Intel. Kate has extensive international experience across:
• strategic transactions – including mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, spin-offs, investments, partnerships and joint ventures;
• intellectual property – including inbound licenses, SaaS and other outbound licenses, code and software development, co-development and collaboration agreements, patent acquisitions and divestitures;
• commercial transactions – including financings, leases, confidentiality and escrow arrangements, sales and services agreements;
• compliance and ethics – including privacy, corporate governance, anti-corruption, trade, securities, information governance and records management

Kate Merrill

Guillaume Gardey, is’s special advisor on big data. Guillaume holds a PhD in computer science with more than 6 years of hands-on experience with Hadoop & Big Data systems and 10 years of experience with distributed systems, databases and software engineering. Guillaume is comfortable stepping in at all levels of a Big Data platform, from planning, design, and architecture, prototyping, and applications development to clusters deployment and operational aspects in collaboration with data scientists, software engineers, devops, analysts, and business users.

Guillaume Gardey, PhD

Big Data Architect


Bringing together the latest cloud, video, AI, machine learning technologies to enhance customer experience


Payments Technology

The payments technology uses is entirely modular. It means that we can maintain our tech one chunk at a time. Avoiding downtime, shorter development time frames and frequent updates mean we’re constantly improving and always delivering.

We’re not stuck with “old school” systems like “old school” banks

TRUST & DEEP LEARNING aims to build trust in our community. Encouraging positive behaviours and identifying and flagging bad actors will be based on cutting edge machine learning algorithms built for precision in calculating risk. This allows Oulala to provide great solutions with low  transaction and default fees.



Cloud and Video Technologies allow for:

  • streamlined payments
  • great customer social engagement and
  • compelling partner promotions
  • transparent and rapid responses to our community

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